Zentralheizung of death

des todes

Erfurt, DE
I love Marbach records | Aliensnatch


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Zhod is an ex 2 ex 3 actually 4 piece born in the mad but excellent bionic brain of some guy called Rokko Anal-
Who claims to be the first inhuman being that created a human(looking) band to spread his debile but Genius plans all over the human race.Of course everyone knows that this is bullshit, because everyone knows and obeys Man or Astroman.

Trapped within a sticky (thumbs up) Situation between cultural damaged goods such as monstertrucks,jabba the butt, the mae shi,the famous Crocodile rock n roll Club in wutha farnroda,volume,and of course mincemeat -the mighty zhod are struggling for an identity consisting of Rather untraditional reverb-drenched guitars, spreading fuzz, Feedbacks, hyperactive lightspeed drumming, straight edge bass, theremin and crackling toy sounds.

You may ask yourself or your secretary now – are they contributing anything to this world, that they are taking so much from?

And you may also ask yourself, why am i reading this shitty little text?