White Fence


“Fuck Nostalgia. Live the truth. Truth is feeling, Truth is sound, Truth is motion. I am believing. I am seeing. I am moving. TRUTH IS FOREVER. Meet The Presley / White Fence Truth Serum. Imagine if you will, that your uncle frank, aunt jane and cousing ricky all made out with George Harrison at the same time and felt good about it. Thats what the family perfume smells like. Like the real shit. This aint your regular mutton chop rock. This is freak your fucking mom out cause she caught you naked in the back yard blasting this shit rock. This is not a joke. This is the hit factory. This is the eye. This is another planet. And hurry up, cause this perfume aint available at no macy’s. Fuck the Rolling stones. Long live Keith. Were allready dead. SMELL THE TRUTH. FUCK THE TRUTH. FUCK ROCK AND ROLL. LOVE ROCK AND ROLL. And this is just vol. one.”- Ty Segall

Los Angeles, USA
Woodsist Records