Berlin / Dresden, DE
Discorporate Records

This is a rather unusual, yet in its essence familiar, outfit from Dresden/Berlin. May as well being described as a bucket-smashing, african-rhythm, industial-noise, hip-hop duo – the two excellent musicians interweave complexity and groovabilty so playful and nicely together.

Drummy sort of drums,
Guitary sort of guitar.

It’s been a while now for schnaak to evolve from furry factory noise sessions of the 4 songs they played for one year solid. Initially they rubbed faces in persistence that said “get used to it”. A metal bucket has been proper band member since the first day, comfortably embedded amongst the two. The two, with the four arms, two that stroke the wire, hold the wood. They make fire from amplifires, they know how to do that and cook human flesh over it nicely.

A while later the SchnAAk has lived up and loves the hip-hop beats and african rhythms, tho still working deep down in a factory of noise, but adjusting their machines nicely to sing along.

You get what i’m saying?
A never seen before: SchnAAk.



played shows with Deerhoof, Kayo Dot, ZU, 31Knots, Melt Banana, Dälek, ZS; several EU Tours with DYSE 2009-2011, US Tour 2010; 2011: Headlined Discorporate/Eine Welt Aus Hack showcase at Primavera Sound; Incubate Fest, Soy Fest Nantes, Fusion Fest, B-Sides Festival, …



“Guck mal, das ist meine Lieblingsband. Sie heißen SchnAAk und das ist ihre beste Platte bisher.” VICE (DE) (8/10)

“Eine der interessantesten Bands. Krachbunte Versammlung mehrerer Dutzend musikalischer Stile, deren Herkunft über den ganzen Globus verstreut ist – und vielleicht darüber hinaus. Dolles Ding!”  TRUST (DE)

“A carneval of crazy rhythms.” NOISE (FR)

“Great recommendation!” LIVEDOOR (JP)

“Sometimes they reminded me of the noise water makes and sometime of cars and sometimes of a cat stuck in some bushes.” KEMP’S RECORD REVIEWS (UK) 10/10!!!

“Zwei Menschen, ein Riesenhirn – nur das macht es möglich, die komplexen, oft afrikanisch anmutenden Rhythmusgeflechte mit einer derartigen Grandezza niederzustrecken. Dem Colossus sei ein mindestens tausendjähriges Leben beschert.” ROKKO’S ADVENTURES (AT)

“Rough guitars with hip-hop drums, African percussion and an arsenal of crazy synths. Mathpop as you rarely heard.” RIFRAF (NL)

“Klassisches Songwriting trifft auf Experimentierküche. Akustik-Noise auf elektronisches Kalkül. Alles, wirklich alles ist möglich, solange es unter die Haut geht und unberechenbar bleibt.” ECLIPSED (DE)