Guerilla Toss

NNA Tapes, Infinity Cat, DFA



f you attended a shitty basement party thrown by reasonably hip people at almost any point during George W. Bush’s first term, there’s a good chance you saw a band that sounded a lot like Boston five-piece Guerilla Toss. Entertainment! was most likely on the stereo, someone was wearing a raggedy, technicolor Brian Chippendale mask, and there was probably a guy walking around with his dick hanging out. While it’s been some time since anyone’s uttered the words “dance punk” in any valuable context, Guerilla Toss seem hell bent on stirring up a noisy revival that’s more no wave than new wave. Channeling everything from the fractured funk of pre-Echoes Rapture, Black Dice’s anti-grooves, and the tinnitus-beckoning mania of Lightning Bolt, their latest LP Gay Disco is a freak-flag waving love letter for a time when the weirdos learned to stop worrying and love getting down in as awkward a fashion as possible.