Saarlouis, Germany
Dekorder / Meudiademorte

Datashock from Saarlouis, a collective of multi-instrumentalists. Founded in 2003, they’ve been losing themselves
in the wardrobes of their subconscious ever since and have never been frightened to play around with whatever they can find in there, trying out colourful sound-costumes and sending out psychedelic-experimental »Gruselkraut« from the depths of this vast piece of furniture.

The boys and girls from Saarland do not cling to hackneyed versions of Krautrock, they follow the paths of early Pink Floyd, Amon Düül or Harmonia to recent projects such as Sunburned Hand Of The Man, but only to fill them
with new meanings-Datashock’s psychedelic improvisations are ambitious re-appropriations and not moth-eaten imitations.